HB Real Estate 365 is designed for any real estate developer (commercial enterprise, investor or corporation), who wants to digitise the development process from start to end. From calculation models that support developers when calculating the total expenditure (in Dutch: stichtingskosten or StiKo) and cash flow, up to and including administration, therefore allowing them to closely monitor whether projects stay within budget and forecast.

Standard Software for
Real Estate Development

The Standard in This Market, Due To 20 Years of Continuous Development

With HB Real Estate invoices and documents never get lost, because they are digitised and can be linked to a project, client or object. Risks related to projects (either individual or shared) can be made transparent to management with reports created with Exsion Reporting. HB Real Estate is used by leading developers and the standard in this market, due to 20 years of continuous development.


What You Can Do with HB Real Estate 365

HB Real Estate 365 allows you to easily determine the feasibility of real estate projects, using the calculation models for your project administration.


Real Estate Project Reports

Exsion Reporting allows you to create advanced reports and cross sections of your real estate projects.

Target Audiences

For whom is HB Real Estate 365 intended?

HB Real Estate is designed to be used by real estate developers, contractors, investors and housing corporations.

Real Estate Project Management

Real estate projects can be implemented quickly, within a short time frame. However, it is important that your organisation goes through the right steps.
Info Real Estate Project Management

Features of HB Real Estate 365

At HB Software, it is of primary importance that extensive functionality does not interfere with user-friendliness. We believe it is important that everyone within your organization should be able to work within a single system, without requiring all of you to "go back to school". Would you like to know what HB Real Estate 365 can do for you?

Project Planning

For each project, you can enter important dates to plot future activities.
More info about Project Planning

Project Forecasts and Analyses

For each project, you can create an unlimited number of forecasts, at all times.
More info about Project Forecasts and Analyses

Overview for Each Project

A transparent overview of all transactions and activities of a given project
More info about Overview for Each Project

More Features and Benefits of HB Real Estate 365


HB Real Estate on the Job


The philosophy behind our training courses is, that after thorough training you should be ready to work with HB Real Estate.


Exsion Reporting and
Exsion Corporate are used by over 1000 clients in a
wide variety of industries.


Creating software differs from using it, which is why we keep in mind what role our software plays in the work of people using it. 



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Frequently-asked questions and tools to help you use HB Real Estate.

Our Company

Our Company

In this fast world, HB Software knows how to separate what makes sense from nonsense. What really matters to us, is whether software works for you. 


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HB Real Estate 365



Management information so insightful that creativity in a process becomes possible

Real estate is something very special. Long-term planning, regulations and specific calculation models require a unique approach. For us, this insight ultimately resulted in the HB Real Estate product. Blauwhoed - a customer since 2002 - went live in 2012 with this Dynamics NAV-based software. It enables Blauwhoed to move with their dynamic world. From a lightning-fast answer to the most diverse questions from the development teams, to the consolidation of 100 companies with a few pushes of a button. A support for those who want to let go of everything.


Answers that take no time

Woonstad Rotterdam is an experienced organization. Together with key users, HB Real Estate is set up to answer the most diverse questions. There must be more in it than you need. This way you can make cross-sections of every project, in response to every question that may arise in your work. The reports can be called up in no time, so Woonstad Rotterdam can now also meet these new times in which housing associations have to do more with less. Seeing everything coming at you, even if it is a flood.

More reviews and testimonials

Read more reviews and testimonials


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HB Real Estate 365 Provides Solutions To Your Problems

Below, you can read about issues that clients encounter and solutions that HB Real Estate 365 provides.

Your Problem

I Must Open Many Windows to Gather Project Data

When I want to see all relevant data of a project, I have to open many windows and paste the data into Excel, in order to get a complete overview

HB Real Estate's Solutions

In HB Real Estate all project transactions are gathered in a single window

Thus providing you with a complete overview of your project, including budgets, estimates and forecasts, as well as realisation, construction numbers, the project team, linked documents and scans of purchase invoices. You can also zoom in to the smallest detail and view each booking separately.

Your Problem

I Have to Make Notes in My Agenda to Remember What to Do

Often, you will have to write down all things you have to do in your agenda or notebook, such as handling assignments, approval of invoices, checking of entries that are overdue, and the creation of purchase invoices.

HB Real Estate's Solution

HB Real Estate is equipped with a role centre for every officer

Which lists assigned tasks. This allows you to see, for example, what requires your approval, how many assignments are in progress and/or have yet to be processed, as well as forecasts you are currently working on and an overview of frequently-used contacts and projects.

Your Problem

Transferring a Project to Another Entity is Time-Consuming and Error-Prone Problem

When I create a partnership for a project and have to transfer the project in question to that new entity, I have to manually gather all data, reverse changes and record them in the new entity. I also have to create new assignments and obligations within the new entity. This is time-consuming and extremely error-prone.

HB Real Estate's Solution

HB Real Estate allows you to transfer a project to another entity with a single mouse click (actually three, to be precise)

You create a proposal, check and/or adjust it and subsequently process it. The project itself and all associated data, such as your realisation, estimate, budgets, assignments, construction numbers etc., are now transferred to the new entity. This process is fast, easy and not error-prone and should not take more than five minutes of your time.

Your Problem

Dividing a Project is Time-Consuming and Error-Prone

When I want to divide a project into main and partial projects, it takes a lot of time to gather all entries already made and allocate them to the projects. Assignments have be adjusted, or even recreated.

HB Real Estate's Solution

With HB Real Estate, you can easily divide projects, based on allocation keys configured in the main project

These allocation keys can be general in nature, but also configured per cost type. First, a proposal is created, which you can adjust manually, if so desired. The proposal is then processed. All entries and assignments already recorded are allocated using the preconfigured allocation keys. These keys can also be used when recording a memo entry or purchase invoice, thus eliminating the need to consult your documentation on how to allocate things. This function can also be used to merge multiple projects into a single one.

Your Problem

Invoicing Is a Lot of Work I Receive Buyer Administration Notifications on What to Invoice

I receive buyer administration notifications on the periods that I must invoice. Manually creating buyer invoices is a lot of work and it is error-prone.

HB Real Estate's Solution

HB Real Estate records construction numbers, including period schedules with invoice amounts.

These periods can be marked as overdue. When periods are overdue, you can create buyer invoices with a single mouse click. This invoicing is recorded on the construction number card, and the periods in question are listed as invoiced. In the unlikely event of an error, a period can easily be credited, by not marking it as overdue.

Your Problem

Searching in Project Overviews

I often have to search for my projects in project overviews.

HB Real Estate's Solution

Solution In HB Real Estate, projects are linked to a project team

Which is why project overviews only list projects where you are a member of the project team in question.

Your Problem

Adjusting Reports Is Expensive

Standard reports often do not or only partially meet your wishes, thus forcing you to engage with your software partner(s) to change the reports in question, which is expensive.

HB Real Estate's Solution

Adjusting Reports Is Not Expensive Anymore

Exsion, our reporting tool, allows you to create all kinds of reports within Excel. These reports can be stored and adjusted whenever so desired. Refreshing data is extremely easy and ensures that reports are always up-to-date. For more information, visit: www.exsion.nl

Your Problem

Starting a Project Requires Significant Pre-financing – I Want to Impute Interest Problems

When I want to impute interest to a project, I first have to check recorded entries and subsequently calculate interest and impute it to the project in question. That takes a lot of work.

HB Real Estate's Solution

HB Real Estate provides built-in functionality for automatic calculation of interest.

Proposals can be made based on pre-configured parameters, and recorded after check-up and approval.

Your Problem

Where Is My Project? Searching for Projects in Different Entities

We have a lot of projects, divided over various entities. When I want to consult a project, I often have to search multiple entities to find out whether the project in question is part of them.

HB Real Estate

In HB Real Estate, we have created PRJ-administration

An extra entity which includes, among other things, all projects and project changes. When changes occur within a given entity, they will also be implemented in the PRJ-administration. This allows you to consult all projects and project changes within a single entity. However, you cannot record them, as this should be done in the entity the project in question is part of.

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We would like to get in touch with you. Our HB Real Estate 365 experts will gladly visit you to give an extensive demonstration.

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