Features and Benefits

Features and benefits that ensure proper monitoring of your real estate projects.

At HB Software, it is of primal importance that extensive functionality does not interfere with application usability. We believe it is important for everyone within your organization to be able to work within a single system, without requiring all of you to "go back to school".

All  Features and Benefits of HB Real Estate

View key features of HB Real Estate 365 that users consider useful:

Project Planning

For each project, you can enter important dates to plot future activities.
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Project Forecasts and Analyses

For each project, you can create an unlimited number of forecasts, at all times.
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Overview for Each Project

A transparent overview of all transactions and activities of a given project
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More Features of HB Real Estate 365

More information on features and benefits of HB Real Estate 365 that allow us to help you

Automatic Selection of Functionaries

Approval of assignments, purchase invoices and payment runs.
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Quick Creation of New Entities

Quick creation of new entities in project development
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Easily Create Reports with Exsion

Exsion, our reporting tool, allows you to easily create reports.
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PRJ Administration (Project Administration)

A complete overview of the PRJ administration.
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Extensive Document Approval

Approval of Assignments, Purchase Invoices and Payment Runs.
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All-in-One Buyer Administration

Record construction numbers, buyers and invoicing
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Dividing Projects into Partial Projects

Optimal Division of Projects into Main Projects and Partial Projects
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For whom is HB Real Estate intended?

Housing Corporations and Project Planning

Make the right choices to ensure deadlines and budgets are met.

Investors and Project Administration

As an Investor, You Want to Know What Is Happening in Your Portfolio

Project Developers and Project Software

Enter Key Dates for New Activities for Each Project

Contractors and Project Development

Feasibility Analyses That Allow You to Do Your Work as a Contractor

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