What HB Real Estate Can Do

Learn more about what you can do with our calculation models.

Feasibility of Real Estate Projects

Our calculation models allow you to easily determine the feasibility of real estate projects, in a quick and accurate way, thus making your decision whether to invest an informed one.

Consistent Calculation

It also enables you to quickly calculate a first initiative or extensive feasibility. The models are created in Excel and use a master model, thus ensuring calculation that is consistent, error-free and protected against unauthorised use. Calculation models can be automatically read into the project administration. With HB Real Estate, closely monitoring, securing and adjusting of real estate projects is a piece of cake.

Customisable Calculation Models

Using the cash flow model, you can easily forecast cash flows for a given project, taking into account the actual costs and revenues. In addition, you can assess the liquidity of an organisation or umbrella of organisations.

Calculation Models

HB Software provides the following calculation models:

  • Total expenditure (StiKo, Sko, cost-benefit analysis, calculation)
  • Project cash flow

Dynamic and Creative Project Administration

HB Real Estate is designed with development in mind. It provides developers with the possibility to handle projects dynamically or creatively and administrative staff with something to hold on to, thanks to its consistent and stable setup. HB Real Estate’s extensive project administration contains many functionalities, including main and partial projects, estimates, budgeting, assignments and obligations, forecasts and realisation. Project progress is shown transparently, using benchmarks (milestones), phases and statuses.

Integrated HB Real Estate Models

Learn more about how our calculation models, HB Real Estate and Exsion Reporting work together.

Total Expenditure

The starting point is the total expenditure (in Dutch: StichtingsKostenOpzet or StiKo), which is used for project calculation. Through a link with HB Real Estate, the estimate and budget are read into the ERP environment. Many of our clients use protected Excel worksheets equipped with a generic master sheet.

Cash Flow Model

The cash flow model allows you to accurately determine when expected cash in and cash out occurs, taking into account costs and revenues already recorded. The use of Exsion ensures that this overview is always up-to-date and can be refreshed with a single mouse click.

Liquidity Model

With the liquidity model, you can present the overall liquidity at compony level, either separately or as un umbrella. This includes work-in-progress statistics of projects, as well as other changes within accounts receivable and/or payable.

In addition to calculation models, you can use Exsion Reporting to unlock data in several ways and easily create (project) overviews.

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