Exsion Reporting is offered through a large network of complementary partners, who are a well-respected brand in their industry. When selling Exsion, you do not compete with each other. Exsion is a valuable addition to industry-specific add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics Business. This applies to the on-premises as well as the SaaS variant.

Make up Your Proposition

The majority of well-known reporting software can be used in a Dynamics Business environment with add-ons. The drawback of these products is, however, that they are of little use when you create a report and want to combine data from various tables. With Exsion Reporting, this task is much easier. Furthermore, Exsion recognises data from industry-specific applications you create for your clients, thus significantly easing the life of end users. Exsion reports are also easy to maintain. For example, if you add a table to your solution, Exsion will recognise this change and allow end users to use its data in reports.

Astonishingly Simple to Use

Users that are familiar with Excel can master Exsion after a day of training, which is why creating reports is no longer the exclusive domain of experts. Anyone within an organisation can use Exsion to create reports that meet a wide variety of information needs. In addition, you can take out a helpdesk subscription to support end users, thus minimising any stress and/or disruption.

Seamlessly Meet the Information Needs of Your Clients

The magic of reporting with Exsion lies in its flexibility. Exsion can easily handle industry-specific business processes you add to Dynamics Business Central. Together with your add-ons, Exsion seamlessly meets the information needs of your clients.



Are You Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Would you like to try Exsion and find out whether collaboration is worthwhile? Contact our Exsion team for extensive documentation or an interactive demo.

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