Management, Reporting and Overviews

Exsion Reporting allows you to create advanced reports and cross sections of your real estate projects.

Create Advanced Real Estate Project Reports

Exsion Reporting allows you to create advanced reports and cross sections of your real estate projects. Reports can easily be updated, predefined or created ad hoc. More than 17,000 users daily work with Exsion Reporting. Real estate developers often work with dozens of companies when developing projects. Exsion Corporate provides ERP-independent consolidation. For more information, visit

Exsion Reporting & Exsion Corporate

Exsion helps controllers to easily report and consolidate. Creating reports with Exsion requires a Microsoft (Dynamics) database. When consolidating, it does not matter to Exsion which software you use for your administration. In both cases, Exsion is easy to learn, flexible and fast.
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Integrated HB Real Estate Models

How Our Calculation Models, HB Real Estate and Exsion Reporting Work Together

Total Expenditure

The starting point is the total expenditure (in Dutch: StichtingsKostenOpzet or StiKo), which is used for project calculation. Through a link with HB Real Estate, the estimate and budget are read into the ERP environment. Many of our clients use protected Excel worksheets equipped with a generic master sheet.

The Cash Flow Model

The cash flow model allows you to accurately determine when expected cash in and cash out occurs, taking into account costs and revenues already recorded. The use of Exsion ensures that this overview is always up-to-date and can be refreshed with a single mouse click.

Liquidity Model

With the liquidity model, you can present the overall liquidity at compony level, either separately or as un umbrella. This includes work-in-progress statistics of projects, as well as other changes within accounts receivable and/or payable.

In addition to calculation models, you can use Exsion Reporting to unlock data in several ways and easily create (project) overviews.

Example of HB Real Estate in practice

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Small-Scale Housing Project

An example of HB Real Estate 365 in practice: Let’s say you are a real estate developer, working on setting up a small-scale housing project of four new houses. You want to know how much money you can make on this project and how cash flow will progress, with respect to possible funding.
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