Overviews for Each Project

A transparent overview of all transactions and activities of a given project, on a single page.

Project Card Overview

The project card provides you with a complete overview of a project’s current situation, such as budgets, estimates, forecasts and realisation. They are presented in totals, broken down by cost type (general ledger account). Starting there, you can zoom in to the smallest details, such as assignments, purchase invoices, sales invoices and general ledger changes.


You can use the project card to start several activities, such as the creation of project schedules and forecasts, as well as submit requests for supplementary budgets.

From Now on, You Will Have Transparent Project Overviews

Clear and complete overviews of a given project's current state

More Features and Benefits of HB Real Estate

In addition to transparent project overviews, HB Real Estate provides more helpful features and benefits:

Project Forecasts and Analyses

For each project, you can create an unlimited number of forecasts, at all times.
Info Project Forecasts and Analyses

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