Transferring projects

Transferring projects to another entity.

Easy Transfer Tool

It often happens that a project is started within a certain entity and that a partnership comes into being at a later stage, resulting in the creation of a new entity. Using the transfer tool, you can transfer the project in question to the new entity, including automatic transfer of amounts related to estimates, budgets, assignments and realisation.

These transfers are conducted through the current account, allowing you to also easily settle accounts later.

From Now on, You Can Easily Transfer Projects

Would you like to be able to easily transfer projects? Contact us or request a free demo.

More Features and Benefits of HB Real Estate

In addition to its transfer tool, HB Real Estate provides more helpful features and benefits:

Project Forecasts and Analyses

For each project, you can create an unlimited number of forecasts, at all times.
Info Project Forecasts and Analyses

Project Planning

For each project, you can enter important dates to plot future activities.
Info Project Planning

Overview for Each Project

A transparent overview of all transactions and activities of a given project
Info Overview for Each Project

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