Extensive Document Approval

Approval of assignments, purchase invoices and payment runs

Perfect Approval Flow

A customisable approval flow allows for automatic selection of functionaries who need to approve certain documents.  This is usually done based on the duties of staff members included in the project team, as well as the cost type for which a change must occur.


Think of, for example, approval of purchase invoices, assignments, supplementary budgets, forecasts, payment runs and calculations which must be read.

From Now on, You Can Have Extensive Document Approval

Would you like user-friendly procedures to approve purchase invoices, assignments, supplementary budgets, forecasts and payment runs?

More Features and Benefits of HB Real Estate

In addition to proper project administration, HB Real Estate offers more features and benefits that can help you.

Project Forecasts and Analyses

For each project, you can create an unlimited number of forecasts, at all times.
Info Project Forecasts and Analyses

Overview for Each Project

A transparent overview of all transactions and activities of a given project
Info Overview for Each Project

Project Planning

For each project, you can enter important dates to plot future activities.
Info Project Planning

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