For Project Developers

Always Have Requested Information Close at Hand

HB Real Estate 365 is smart project software, configured to arrange all administration from idea to completion and present it transparently. Thanks to its usability, answers to a wide variety of questions are always at hand for everyone within the organization.

Project Software That Matches Your Identity

Real estate development starts with a financial plan and an estimate. Intelligent calculation models help you determine project feasibility and in which form. Upon implementation, the software is further configured to support proprietary work routines, or even improve them. HB Real Estate 365 is easy to use, anyone within your organization can handle it.

The best of HB Real Estate for project developers:

  • Project planning and prognosis
  • Project division and/or replacement
  • Cash flow and liquidity per project or portfolio
  • Project administration that ‘thinks’ in development stages
  • Integration with document management tools and web portals

HB Vastgoed demo voor projectontwikkelaars aanvragen?

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More Features and Benefits of HB Real Estate 365

Lees meer features en voordelen van HB Vastgoed waar we je als projectontwikkelaar mee kunnen helpen:

Project Forecasts and Analyses

For each project, you can create an unlimited number of forecasts, at all times.

Project Planning

For each project, you can enter important dates to plot future activities.

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