Always Know What Is Going On In Your Portfolio

You can have all information in a single database, from maintenance and billing to sales. In this way you will avoid unpleasant surprises and that will enable you to make decisions based on effective reports you always have at hand.

Software Fine-tuned to Your Daily Operation

Overview and clarity are essential to generate good returns, which is something HB Real Estate 365 takes into account. Project administration is geared to real estate and compatible with a wide variety of real estate industry standards. Information from a multitude of administrations is combined into a single database, providing an easy insight.

The best of HB Real Estate 365 for investors:

  • Smarter purchases/sales
  • Real-time overview, down to complex levels
  • Project administration geared to real estate
  • Connection/exchange of landlord administration
  • Cloud-based: Accessible for the entire organization

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More Features and Benefits of HB Real Estate 365

Read more about the features and benefits of HB Real Estate, that can help you in project planning:

Transferring to Another Entity

Transferring projects to another entity.

Reading and Processing Calculations (SKO/STIKO)

Assign budgets and estimates to a project

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