Buyer Administration

Record construction numbers, buyers and invoicing

All-in-One Administration

You can record construction numbers with sales prices. Based on installment schedules, these amounts are divided on the construction number card, over billable installments, such as transport, buyer installments, variations in work, additional costs and interest calculations. These installments can be automatically billed when they are due.

Construction Number Card Overview

On the construction number card, you can also record data related to the delivery, or characteristics such as a Go-arrangement (in Dutch: GO - Garantie Ondernemingsfinanciering), gross floor area, index numbers, floors etc.


From now on, you can have a proper buyer administration.

Would you like a complete overview of a project's state?

More Features and Benefits of HB Real Estate

In addition to proper project administration, HB Real Estate offers more features and benefits that can help you.

Overview for Each Project

A transparent overview of all transactions and activities of a given project
Info Overview for Each Project

Project Planning

For each project, you can enter important dates to plot future activities.
Info Project Planning

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