What You Can Do with HB Real Estate 365

HB Real Estate allows you to create advanced reports and cross sections of your real estate projects and much more.

HB Real Estate Functionality

The functionality of HB Real Estate can be summarised as follows:

  • Financial administration
  • Project administration
  • Buyer administration
  • Assignments/Obligations
  • Time registration
  • Administration of loans
  • Transaction register (optional)

Integration with Microsoft Office

The application is equipped with a financial and project administration, and can easily be used in combination with Microsoft Office. HB Real Estate integrates well with Excel or other applications of other vendors (for example, external calculation software or SharePoint storage and suchlike).


Modular Deployment

All project data can be recorded up to construction number level. HB Real Estate also contains an administration for buyers and loans, as well as a time registration, in short, a whole range of possibilities that can be deployed modularly.

The flexibility of HB Real Estate allows our target audiences to use the software at their own discretion and/or in accordance with their needs, without the need for additional software.

HB Real Estate uses the latest techniques of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft 365 (Office).

Time Gain and Consistency

Because all data are stored in a single database, costs, revenues and budgets can be monitored closely. Each HB Real Estate user has his/her own role and access rights, thus ensuring that everyone gets to see what is intended for him/her and immediately will know how things are progressing. HB Real Estate allows you to easily create entities or companies, using a standardised setup, thus guaranteeing time gain and consistency.

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