General Terms and Conditions HB Software B.V. Websites and Service Portals

22 mei 2018

1. Use

By surfing this website, reading texts, downloading files or using it in any other way, you automatically accept the following terms and conditions and agree to comply with them.

2. HB Software

The HB, and websites, as well as the service portals, are managed by HB Software, with a registered office at Groen van Prinsterersingel 47,2805 TD Gouda, the Netherlands, with VAT numberNL008025071B01. All rights and claims stipulatedin these Terms and Conditions for the benefit of HB Software also apply to third parties engaged by HB Software.

3. Access

This website can be consulted by modern computers with current software (browsers, operating systems etc.) installed. HB Software does not warrant any compatibility whatsoever and cannot be held liable, if you, for whatever reason, cannot consult and/or use  (a part of) this website.

It is strictly forbidden, in any way whatsoever and by whatever technical means, to gain access to parts of the website that are not publicly posted online. It is also strictly forbidden to modify the website and to add and/or remove content, in whatever way and/or with whatever technical means.

As a visitor of this website, you agree not to undertake any act, whatever the technical means used, that may adversely affect its proper functioning at any time in any way whatsoever.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

The concept, contents, layout, structure, source code, programs, images, photos, animations, audiovisual works, texts, data, music and all other parts of this website are and will remain the exclusive property of HB Software, and are protected by various intellectual property rights. By surfing this website, you will not acquire any right(s). If a party intends, whether or not by using hyperlinks, to refer or link information or data to programmed code, including, but not limited to spiders, bots or other scripts, or to index, or to repeatedly or systematically retrieve data or reuse all or a substantial part of data, within the meaning of Article 2 of the Database Act, the party in question is hereby required to immediately contact HB Software by sending an e-mail to, identify himself/herself and make his/her intentions known. Without explicit prior written consent of HB Software, the aforementioned is prohibited.

Full or partial reproduction, dissemination, sales, distribution, publication, modification and/or use of this website and its contents, in any form or way whatsoever, is strictly forbidden. Storage of information and/or parts of this website in a(n) (electronic) database or otherwise is prohibited, with the exception of automatic ‘caching’ of information by browsers.

By posting certain data, texts, images and/or other files on our website, you automatically provide full consent, free of charge, to HB Software and all of its affiliates, to reproduce and/or share the contents of your post(s), or use it/them in another way, either on this website or other websites, or publications, such as one or more magazines or any other products or media published or released by HB Software or its affiliates.

5. Liability

HB Software will use its best means to ensure that this website is accessible to a normal number of users at all times. However, HB Software is entitled at any time to completely or partially suspend or stop the website, even without prior notice. HB Software cannot be held liable for any lossor damage incurred as a result of this.

HB Software will use its best means to ensure that data and documents that are part of this website are complete, accurate and up-to-date. However, errors and/or omissions can never be completely ruled out. In this regard, HB Software can therefore not provide any guarantee.

As a result of this, HB Software cannot be held liable in any way with regard to any damage and/or loss arising from using, consulting and/or downloading of any part of the website. HB Software can also not be held liable for any damage whatsoeverresulting from decisions you make based on whatever data and/or information on this website. HB Software is also entitled to modify information or data published on this website at any time.

Amongst other things, this website may contain links to other websites or applications. HB Software cannot be held liable for the contents or proper functioning of external sites or applications referred to, nor for any adverse consequences arising from consulting and/or using the aforementioned sites or applications in any way whatsoever.

Although HB Software will use its best means to keep this website free of viruses and spyware, it cannot be ruled out that they still might occur. HB Software can also not be held liable for any damage or loss resulting from this. HB Software urgently recommends that you install necessary firewall, antivirus and other security software, to prevent possible damage to your computer. If you notice the presence of any of the aforementioned elements in this website, please notify our webmaster or developer as soon as possible, so that appropriate measures can be taken.

Submitting certain data, such as e-mail messages, personal data, credit card numbers etc. is at your own risk. HB Software will use its best means to ensure secure transfer of these data, but cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the loss of certain data and/or their interception by third parties. HB Software therefore recommends to install necessary software and be careful when using and/or sharing your personal data.

This website may include posts by third parties (for example, product reviews). HB Software reserves the right to completely or partially suspend and/or stop these services, without prior notice. HB Software cannot be held liable for any losses arising from this. As these posts concern work of third parties, HB Software can neither be held liable for any damage resulting from them, nor for any inaccuracies in their contents. All texts, data, photos, videos, messages or other materials placed within these posts are the exclusive responsibility of the person they stem from.

6. Privacy Policy

The personal data gathered through this website (newsletter, magazine or other registrations) are included in HB Software’s address database. Your personal data will not be sold or shared with third parties, and can be deleted upon request at all times. To do so, please send an e-mail to 

Access to the HB Software and Exsion service portals is only granted to users registered by HB Software. Please enter your details correctly and make sure that your login and password remain confidential. In accordance with Article 5 from these Terms and Conditions, every registered user himself/herself is responsible for his/her registration and any abuse or damage resulting from it. HB Software cannot be held liable for any improper use of your registration, login and/or password.

HB Software uses cookies to register the number of unique visitors and analyze the use of its website. This enables us to continue to improve its usability. Cookie settings can be configured for general internet use through your browser settings. 

HB Software does not send spam. Should you receive unsolicited e-mail from HB Software, please notify us as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to We will make sure it will not happen again.

7. General

These Terms and Conditions Websites and Service Portals are divisible. Should one or more provisions be declared null and void, this shall in no way affect the validity of other provisions.

These General Terms and Conditions Websites and Service Portals may be adapted to changes in legislation or business practices, without prior notice. Amendments shall enter into force upon publication on the website.

Please contact our office with any questions concerning these General Terms and Conditions Websites and Service Portals.

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