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Knowing What Is Going On

Their World

The headquarters of the European division of multinational CRH are located in the Netherlands, from where over 300 subsidiary companies in Europe are managed. Corporate activities of all companies within the group are always related to construction. In addition to this similarity, each company has its own work and administration routines.

A World That Changes Every Day

Their Challenge

CRH Europe directly reports to the CRH headquarters in Ireland. Management information is gathered frequently and is the basis for important business decisions. Speed in data collection is crucial in facilitating quick response in a dynamic world like this one.

Software That Perfectly Copes with Change

Our Insight

All subsidiary companies within CRH Europe use their own ERP systems. CRH needs a flexible system that allows newly acquired companies to operate in compliance with CRH’s working routines within a day. The simplicity of working with Exsion lies in its modest demands towards (new) users, thus providing CRH with a system that perfectly copes with changes.

Instant Consolidation

The Result

Exsion Corporate enables CRH to get an overview of its results with just a few mouse clicks. Information originating across Europe is automatically added to the database. Afterwards, the consolidation of 300 companies does not entail more than selecting the desired overviews. Subsequently, you can create a niftily-designed presentation in the format that you need. For example, a PDF in book form for iPads. This way, everyone at CRH, from division level to individual companies, will exactly know what is going on in their dynamic world.

Did you know that it only takes one day to set up collaboration for new companies within the group?

CRH has been using Exsion Corporate for financial consolidation for over 10 years now. All Exsion platform versions are used within CRH. Would you like to know more about why CRH chose to work with Exsion? Feel free to contact us.

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