Exsion Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Gaining insight

With Exsion AX you have a grip on your complex Microsoft Dynamics AX database. This allows each controller to combine the data he/she needs in a report.

Features Exsion AX

The possibility to transfer all data in your database to Excel, is one of the functionalities we are proud of. The strength of Exsion Reporting is that you can get started yourself, with easily identifiable descriptions of data.

Simple Reporting in Excel

Exsion Reporting allows any controller to create reports.

Combine all of Your Data

We are proud that you can transfer all data in your database to Excel.

Refresh Reports Infinitely

You can refresh your reports time and again, thus ensuring they will contain the latest data.

Fast Data Refresh

We have built Exsion Reporting in such a way, that you can effortlessly gain better insight into your company.

Create Reports After a Short Training

A one-day training will suffice for creating most reports. This also applies to advanced users.

Security Through Authorisation

Data cannot be viewed by people for whom it is not intended.


Thanks to Exsion, we now have much more unambiguous data

At a certain point in time, we were very busy with reports for days on end, it was an unworkable situation. In 2008, we switched to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, combined with Exsion and other software, which saved us a lot of time. Thanks in part to Exsion, we now have much more unambiguous data at our disposal.

Janssen de Jong

Using Exsion to create reports is a no-brainer

We have been using Exsion for more than 10 years. I think the software is very user-friendly. Using Exsion to create reports and compile NAV downloads is a no-brainer – just do it!

Cogentix Medical

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EXSION AX offers
solutions to your problems

Below, you can read about issues that controllers encounter and solutions that Exsion AX provides.

  • No Data from Dynamics AX

    I cannot access data from Dynamics AX. View problem and solution.

  • I cannot Select Data

    I cannot select any data. View problem and solution.

  • Cutting and Pasting

    I have to use cut and paste to get everything right. See problem and solution.

  • Hiring Expensive Consultants

    I have to hire expensive consultants to change a report. View problem and solution

  • Long Wait Time

    Data generation takes a very long time. View problem and solution.

  • No Help

    When asking for help, I never get an answer, or too late. View problem and solution.

  • Installation Is Difficult

    Software installation is complex, time-consuming and error-prone. View problem and solution.

Your Problem

I Cannot Access data from Microsoft Dynamics AX

You have properly set up Microsoft Dynamics AX well and everything works, and your colleagues have entered data. Now you would like to create an overview.

No Expensive Consultant

You can call a consultant, or get started with PowerBI. However, the first scenario is expensive and the second complicated.

Exsion's Solution

With Exsion, You Can Easily Transfer Selected Data to Excel

The strength of Exsion Reporting is, that you only need to know which data you want to combine in your report. Click these data in Exsion, and, without having to worry about anything, a query is submitted to the database. Data are transferred to Excel, thus allowing you to also edit them, if so desired.


Your Problem

I Cannot Select Any Data

When you want to thoroughly analyse your business or create a simple list, you prefer to combine all data in the way you like. AX provides ample filtering functionality, however, combining data on different screens is tricky, which also applies to other tools available on the market.

Exsion's Solution

Downloads Allow You to Select Data

The strength of Exsion Reporting is, that it allows you to actually combine data you have selected. We call that creating a download. The benefit of a download is that it is not an export. An export must be regenerated every time and does not allow selection of data.

Downloads Can Be Used and Modified Endlessly

Once a download has been created, you can use it endlessly and modify it or place specific filters, if so desired.

Your Problem

I Have to Use Cut and Paste to Get Everything Right

Excel exports can be made within AX, but then you will have to use cut and paste to get the data set you desire. You will have to do this every time, which is work that will not make you happy. You will have to do a lot of things, which is very time-consuming, as well as prone to errors. In addition, you will have to store each version separately and comparing data from a given time period is extremely complex.


Exsion's Solution

After Creating a Download, You Only Have to Click the Refresh Button

With Exsion Reporting, there is no need to use cut and paste. A download definition generates a report ready for use, including all future use. Clicking the Refresh button will update your report without having to use cut and paste, ensuring information that is up-to-date and does not contain any errors.

No More Separate Versions in Excel

Data are directly retrieved from the database, so you can use Excel for which it should be used: Calculation, and your database to store data. Your work will become complicated when you use Excel to manage datasets. Unfortunately, many users still do so.

Your Problem

I Can Only Access the General Ledger Table

There are software tools available on the market that will also provide you with access to tables in Business Central, however, with the restriction of only displaying a limited set of tables (view), or requiring a great deal of expertise to unlock tables.

Can I Simply Use PowerBI?

Yes. The strength of PowerBI is, that it allows you to create beautiful dynamic dashboards, however, the drawback is that you need a great deal of expertise to create a dataset. In addition, dashboard maintenance is complex.

Exsion's Solution

With Exsion You Can Select and Download All Data

The strength of Exsion Reporting is that you can work with data descriptions that are recognisable to you. Data you see on your screen can be selected, you do not need to know the technical names. In addition, you can maintain reports yourself after a day of training.

Your Problem

I Need to Hire Expensive Consultants to Change a Report

AX and other tools allow you to create overviews. Modifying them, however, is extremely difficult. First of all, you will have to change the dataset, which requires knowledge of how AX’s complex database is built. Second, you will have to become familiar with the functionality of the tool in question, if you, for example, want to change the visualisation of a report. If that is not your daily work, it often is not worth the effort.

Exsion's Solution

With Exsion, You Can Create Reports After a One-Day Training

Meanwhile, we have sold Exsion to nearly 1,000 clients, who all have attended a one-day training and can use Exsion.

What Should I Be Able to Do, in Order to Learn Exsion Reporting?

You must be proficient in Excel, although we will show you several smart tricks during the course. In addition, you should have experience in working with AX.

Your Problem

Data Generation Takes a Very Long Time

Many of the tools available on the market are slow, due to the technology behind them. Data are often provided to users through connections and services.

Exsion's Solution

Exsion Provides Quick Answers

We have built Exsion to be fast in almost all cases. Almost, because every technology has its limitations. Our clients are satisfied with Exsion’s overall performance.

If we can access the database directly (usually in hosting and on-premise scenarios), database queries are submitted directly, instead of through a connection. Which is why Exsion is super-fast.

Your Problem

When Asking for Help, I Never Get an Answer, Or Too Late

Everyone is familiar with the nuisance of having to contact a helpdesk. You are put through, will have to wait and your problem is always unique, thus making it impossible to solve quickly.

Exsion's Solution

You Can Call Our Helpdesk and Get an Answer Immediately

When you have a subscription, you can call our helpdesk to get an answer. Almost 90% of all issues reported we can solve directly.

Your Problem

Software Installation Is Complex, Time-Consuming and Error-Prone

Some packages require a very time-consuming process to get them running on a server or tenant, due to the fact that they consist of many components that work together.

Exsion's Solution

A half-day to install Exsion

Installation of Exsion is a standard procedure, which we have carried out nearly 1,000 times and will not take more than a morning or afternoon.

Features and benefits of

View the features and benefits of EXSION AX

Easily Create Reports in Excel

Exsion Reporting allows any controller to create reports based on data present within Microsoft Dynamics AX versions 2009 and 2012. We do not support later versions. A few years ago, Microsoft released Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations, a SaaS app, for which we did not create a special version.

Combining All Your Data Present Within Dynamics AX

Exsion Reporting for AX allows you to combine all data present in the database, in the case of AX, a great deal(!), within Excel.

How to Select Desired Data

We have created a Wizard for this purpose, a screen that shows the tables on the left. When you click on a table, the data stored within it are shown, which you can subsequently click to add them to the collection of data you want to incorporate in your report. It is that simple, which you will learn in just one day.

Once Made, Reports Can Be Refreshed Infinitely

Have you ever slogged away at a AX export, using cutting or a sort function to select a subset? The next time you want the report, you will have to do the above again, since you want a report containing the latest data. With Exsion Reporting, this tedious work belongs to the past. Once you have created your data selection (what we call a download definition), you can refresh it time and again, thus ensuring your report will contain the latest data.

Refresh Your Data With a Single Button Click

We have built Exsion Reporting in such a way, that you can effortlessly gain better insight into your company. To make the right decisions, you need accurate reports that can be retrieved at any given moment. The Refresh button takes care of this. Once you have created a download definition, you only have to click Refresh to view the latest data.

Exsion Reporting Is Fast

It goes without saying, that once you click the Refresh button, you do not want to wait a long time. We do everything in our power to ensure that Exsion works fast. Of course, every technology has its limitations, but our clients are very satisfied with Exsion’s overall performance. Ergo, you will not be confronted with annoyances and have quick access to your data.

Create Reports After a One-Day Training Course

People often think that creating reports is very difficult. The basis, however, is quite simple, but you can make things as complicated as you like, due to also having all Excel functionality at your disposal. You can use slicers to add a time dimension to your report, create pivot tables to generate beautiful overviews and much more, but let’s drop that for now. Exsion’s basic functionality is fairly straightforward, a one-day training will suffice for creating most reports.

Would you like to expand your Exsion skills? We provide a training for advanced users, very useful if you want to create complex reports or optimise them.

Automatic Forwarding of Reports

You can use the Windows task planner, or Exsion’s. We also collaborate with RBE, a company that creates task planners. Based on, for example, (a) change(s) in the database, a report can be forwarded to selected staff, without requiring any human interaction.

Exsion AX Helps You Configure Authorisations

Not everyone should be allowed access to all data. Therefore the application administrator can,  with assistance from us when needed, configure an authorisation table, thus ensuring that data can only be viewed by the eyes they’re intended for.

Would you like to know more about Exsion AX?

Are you interested in Exsion AX? We will happily demonstrate it to you. In our free, no-obligation demo, the Exsion team will introduce the operation behind the blazingly fast combination of all administrational disciplines.

Exsion AX Demo

You will see example reports, just like the ones you and your staff use, and will discover how Exsion can provide so much flexibility in reporting at such low costs

Does Exsion AX work for us?

Would you like to consult one of our experts whether Exsion AX matches your specific situation or needs? We will happily contribute ideas and explore the possibilities.

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