A dream meeting with the very best real estate project team

If you are working in the world of real estate projects, you know that meetings can be hectic and time-consuming. Often, you have to hope that progress has been made and that team members have done what is expected of them. The dream meeting may seem far away but is not impossible. But first, let’s take a look at some challenges. Do you recognize the following?

Looking at the wrong figures

Construction costs fluctuate significantly. Therefore, it is important to compare the current costs with the original budget. “Who has the most recent figures?” Yesterday’s procurement costs may differ today due to increasingly significant changes and disruptions within the global supply chain.

Discussions about prioritization

A decision must be made on which projects take priority. Often, capacity from other projects needs to be freed up due to insufficient labor. Unfortunately, there is no clear overview of the progress of each project, leading to long discussions about “my project should come first.”

Uncertainty about supplier payments

Do you also recognize the frustration when someone asks about the status of specific supplier payments? Sometimes, it seems to take forever to dig through the administration. However, it is crucial because you need financial strength to continue building.

Unexpected delays

Every real estate project faces unforeseen setbacks. When the question “How are the permits progressing?” leads to an uncomfortable silence, you feel the stress rising. Permit delays can disrupt the entire schedule, but without direct access to status updates, the team remains uncertain.

Outdated communication

Real estate teams often rely on numerous communication channels, but what if crucial information gets lost in a flood of emails and messages? “Who has the latest update from the architect?” asks a project developer. The information is there, but no one can find it quickly. As a result, decisions are postponed, and valuable time is lost.

In summary, answers during real estate project meetings can remain vague because they are lost in a pile of spreadsheets, emails, and systems; information is dispersed. The meeting ends with more questions than answers, tangible frustration hangs in the air.

HB Vastgoed 365 as a solution

We are eager to tackle these chaotic meetings with our platform to transform them into every project manager’s dream. Management figures are no longer the domain of a few but transparent and understandable for the entire team.

This is because we have fully digitized and centralized the entire development process from start to finish in one solution. From calculation models that support developers in calculating the (foundation costs) StiKo and cash flow to administration, allowing them to precisely track whether projects are staying within budget and forecast.

Would you also like to facilitate your dream meeting?
Then, please contact us. It will help for a much more restful sleep.

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